Backpacking Water Filter

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  • This lightweight water filter is perfect for backpacking and camping, or for use in a preparedness kit.
  • Easily filter water by drinking directly from the source, or attach to a water bag or bottle to filter as you drink.
  • This water filter kit includes a lightweight collapsible bottle.
  • The water filter uses a standard connector for use with many soda bottles and other water bottles.
  • This backpacking water filter is also compatible with hydration packs. 
  • Total weight (with filter, water bottle, tube, and syringe) 3.3oz

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This backpacking water filter is an excellent choice for backpacking, camping or hiking. It is small enough to fit into your pocket and won’t add weight to your pack. It also convenient to use. Simply attach to your hydration pack or water bottle and use as a straw to filter water. You can also connect it to the included collapsible water bottle and squeeze or hang upside down to filter water into a cup or pan.


  • Water filter weight: 1.7oz
  • Water bottle weight: 1oz
  • Includes a syringe for cleaning and a plastic tube for connecting to a hydration pack.
  • Lifespan of about 5000L or 1320 gallons
  • Flow rate of approx. 800ml/min
  • Filter accuracy: 0.1micron

3 reviews for Backpacking Water Filter

  1. Diddy

    This is by far the most inexpensive water filter I have seen but it works. I used this water filter to filter some water two times from a small water hole that a beaver made, the water comes directly from a pond that has fish, turtles, frogs, waterfowl and of course, beaver. The water was murky looking but came out crystal clear after running it thru this filter and I didn’t get sick. I give 5 stars because of the price and that it worked as advertised the couple times I’ve used it.

  2. Eugene (verified owner)

    Saw this filter on Youtube from from DiddyBushcraftnOutdoors and he’s seems to be a real honest guy and so I purchased a couple of these filters and they are great and you can’t beat the price, I definitely will be buying a few more. Thank you

  3. Pete

    I have not used it yet seems like a good filter and a great price point. I plan on getting a few more of these just to have on hand .

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