Bio Stove Cooking Kit

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  • Includes everything you need to get started cooking with your bio fuel stove.
  • Convenient and easy to use. All components stack together forming a small portable kit.
  • Bio fuel stove eliminates the need for propane fuel.
  • This bundle includes a bio fuel stove, pot set and backpacking spork.
  • Total weight is just 1lb 1oz.

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Bio Stove Backpacking Mess Kit

This camping mess kit/cook kit has everything you need to make meals on the trail.

Bio Fuel Stove

This bio fuel stove is easy to use, stacks together for convenient storage and doesn’t require propane. Use it with wood, twigs and other materials you find on the trail.

Two Pot Set

These two pots stack together providing a place to store your spork and backpacking stove. They also have measurements along one side and make it easy to cook food and boil water.

Backpacking Spork

This spork has everything you need to enjoy a meal on the trail. It works well as both a spoon and fork and the plastic handle is removable allowing access to a sharp knife.

1 review for Bio Stove Cooking Kit

  1. Diddy

    I am impressed with this cook kit, the stove, pot set and spork. 
    Stove – It is fairly lightweight to be stainless steel and somewhat compact. It has a large compartment for the sticks and easy loading from the side or top. There is enough room in the stove for my pop can alcohol stove and the small stand I use for it. It comes with a stuff sack.Pot Set – It is lightweight aluminum with insulated folding handles. 
    Bigger Pot – It can hold about 28oz. comfortable, any fuller and it’s taking a chance on spilling over the top, especially if boiling water.
    Smaller Pot – It is a good size for frying up eggs, bacon or one of my favorite outdoor cooking foods, SPAM. I haven’t fried in it yet but I’m sure it will work just fine if it doesn’t get too hot. It can also be used as a lid to help bring water to a boil quicker or to keep ashes and insects from flying in. It comes with a stuff sack to help keep your pack cleaner.
    Spork – It is metal and is sturdy, it has a knife on the other end that was shaving sharp. The plastic handle has a built-in whistle that can be used in an emergency. With the stove in it’s stuff sack, it nests nice and tight in the pot, put the spork in the stove and the lid on top, zip the sack and it’s a nice little set up.

    Here is a video of the kit –
    Here is a video of the water filter –

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